Pazartesi, Nisan 17, 2006

Le Absurditae

First of all, my friend Rich at the Cable and Tweed blog brought to my attention the fact that Jewlie at the Fabulist listed Optical Atlas in her top 5 MP3 blogs (and Cable and Tweed is a much-deserved #1). It's really nice to see someone's reading and appreciating my other site.

Also, I have a piece of microfiction called "Clear Crossing" that will be appearing in the first issue of the zine Le Absurditae.

That Murnau essay below? I wrote it twice. Yesterday's Easter thunderstorm took out the power right as I was about to wrap it up, and it wasn't saved. So I rewrote the whole thing in the afternoon. If it seems a bit hasty in places, that's why.

What I'm listening to now: NPR's All Songs Considered discusses The Beatles 1965: The Capitol Records. Birthday list this for me please.

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