Cumartesi, Nisan 22, 2006


Very tired, back from the Duck Soup Cinema presentation of 3 Mutual shorts by Charlie Chaplin, preceded by an hour of vaudeville. I may have to write something more substantial about it later. There's something subversively funny about how Duck Soup continues to promote the Cherry Pop Burlesque during their vaudeville hour, despite the fact that their audience consists primarily of senior citizens and very small children.

Another story of mine, "Le Roy, Talma, Bosco," will be appearing online at Dogmatika.com in June. I'm not sure how I feel about the story, which I wrote a couple years ago (elapsed time=gradually building resentment and paranoid loathing), but it will be nice to have it finally be read.

This week I'm on vacation to the Roger Ebert Overlooked Film Festival (Ebertfest) in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Should be a great time. John Malkovich will be there with "Ripley's Game," Terry Zwigoff will show a never-before-screened cut of "Bad Santa" (why not his new film, for criminy's sake?), and the Alloy Orchestra will accompany a Rudolph Valentino film. Plus a film I loved that no one saw, David Mamet's "Spartan"--a true overlooked gem.

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