Çarşamba, Haziran 21, 2006

LeRoy, Talma, Bosco

My short story "LeRoy, Talma, Bosco," which I wrote a few years ago, is one of the short stories for June at Dogmatika.com. You can read it here.

It's not a great story, but it's nice that it's out there. The title comes from a turn-of-the-century poster advertising a magic & comedy act; LeRoy was the magician, Talma his assistant, and Bosco was a heavyset comedian. I had it hanging above my computer for years while I lived in Seattle and Salt Lake City, and when I had writer's block I used it as inspiration for a story (although only the first two pages were written; it took a few years to go back to it, figure out what it was about, and finish it). The whole thing about the Pekingese comes from watching the Westminster dog show and being amused by their squat appearance and I-dare-you-to-like-me grooming. They look like walking carpets.

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