Çarşamba, Mayıs 17, 2006

New Website

I spent all weekend on it and now it's debuted and everyone's seen it...OpticalAtlas.com. I'm spent. The neat thing is that one of my interviews, with the lead singer of The Ladybug Transistor, has been reprinted on another website, Rockbeatstone. That interview means a lot to me, because Gary Olson is one of my dear and true idols. One of his albums, The Albemarle Sound (1999), I listen to all the time, but especially whenever I need some uplift. I have some more interviews lined up that are also very exciting for this indie pop geek. My obsession with the Gustave Dore illustrations from Balzac's Droll Stories is quite evident on my new website. I've even used one of his little doodles as my logo:

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